Are Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter under big-time investigation?

Are Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter under big-time investigation?

The internet is abuzz about the inter-relationship intrigues. Are these “competitors” actually NOT?

Why do they: All get big checks from the U.S. Treasury?, All have connected financial backers?, All share each others login’s and app connects?; Not drop stock even though the public turns away in droves?; Belong to the same lobby funds and PACS?; Only let one party come to this party?…and other things…

Of the vast millions of companies on Earth, ONLY these four (maybe also LinkedIn) have the this common set of interoperatives and ironic similarities. Why?

First wave of the “alien invasion”? An inside trader deal with a few Senators? (SEE MORE HERE TOO) Precursor to a secret Disney plan to control the internet? Are the BIG 4 really the Big Sausage?.. or what?

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