Why Our Site Was Down:

We Received the following notice from other Citizen’s Journalism WIKI’s:


“To Our Readers:

WordPress took this news site down because it posted the same news stories as other news sites, like all other news sites do, in the network and WordPress informed us that they do not allow the news to be posted on multiple sites because…well, they would not say why, but we guess it makes information and news get all “out of control” if people are just openly disclosing facts willy nilly and not properly censoring things. We are trying to get Congressional, ACLU, etc. feedback about this and will back to all of our loyal readers once we understand why they did this.

This site used syndicated news like RSS and news feeds as all news-casters do along with citizen journalism postings by the public.

This site always followed the Public Commons Standard Notices, ie: “This WIKI News & Public Information Site is compliant with, and protected by,: EU Privacy Rules, SLAPP/ANTI-SLAPP, Creative Commons, Fair Use Doctrine, U.N. Press Freedom Statutes, U.S. First Amendment, Freedom-of-the-Press, International Free Speech Standards, ACLU precedents, EFF precedents, Privacy Rights Rules of Spain, National Journalism Standards and related standards. This policy is free-to-use for any public citizen journalism, news aggregation, WIKI, collaborative information space or social network site. Many users share the same login and password as well as relays for security.”

We will let you know what is going on once we find out. Thanks to all of our readers and you for your massive numbers of phone calls, emails, etc.”

We are as confused as anybody. Was it a political hit job? Still researching..