Person’s of Interest: Currently under investigation by one, or more agencies and news organizations.
Provided by staff from Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Tech Crunch, Rolling Stone & LA Times.

Yuri Savinkov- Russian businessman
Vinod Khosla- Investor
Valerie Jarrett- White House
Tom Styer- Investor
Tom Perkins- Investor
Tim Draper – Investor
Senator Calderone
The CTO, CFO and CIO of New America Foundation
The CTO, CFO and CIO of Kleiner Perkins
The CTO, CFO and CIO of Goldman
The CTO, CFO and CIO of Draper Fisher
The CEO of Technology Management Services
The CEO of Severstal
The CEO of Perkins Coie
The CEO of Midland Services
The CEO of McKinsey Consulting
The CEO of IBM Consulting Services
The CEO of GM
The CEO of Ener1
The CEO of Deloitte Consulting
The CEO of Debevoise
The CEO of Covington & Burling, LLP
The CEO of Argonne National Labs
The CEO of Abound Solar
Steven Rattner- White House
Steven Chu – Dept. of Energy
Steve Westly- White House
Steve Spinner- Dept. of Energy
Steve Jurvetson – Investor
Steve Izokowitz- Dept. of Energy
Robert Gibbs- White House
Robert Adams – Lawyer
Rob Blagoyavitch- Politician
Richard Blum- Senator Feinsteins Husband
Ray Lane- Investor
Raj Gupta- McKinsey Consulting
Rahm Emanuel- White House
Peter Thiel – Investor
Peter Schweitzer- Author
Nick Denton- Gawker Media
Nancy Pelosi- Senator
Matt Rogers- Dept. of Energy
Martin LaGod- Investor
Lois Lerner- IRS
Lloyd Craig Blankfein- Head of Goldman Sachs
Leland Yee- Senator
Larry Summers- White House
Larry Page- Google
Lachlan Seward- Dept. of Energy
Kimbal Musk – Investor
Justine Musk- Author
Julian Assange- Author
Jonathan Silver- Dept. of Energy
John Weinberg- Investor
John Doerr- Kleiner Perkins
Jay Carney- White House
James Brown Jr.- California HHS
James Breyer – Investor
Ira Ehrenpreis- Investor
Ira Ehrenpreis – Investor
Herb Newman- Newman Search
Heinrik Fisker- CEO of Fisker
Harry Reid- Senator
Harald Kroeger – Investor
Gilman Louie – Investor
George Trifonov- Russian businessman
Eric Strickland- NHTSA
Eric Schmidt- Google
Eric Holder – DOJ
Elon Musk – CEO – Tesla
Elon Musk – Investor
Dmitry Medvedev- Russian businessman
Denis Richard McDonough – Executive
Dianne Feinstein- Senator
David Plouffe- White House
David Gronet- CEO of Solyndra
David Frantz- Dept. of Energy
David Axelrod- White House
Danial Cohen- Dept. of Energy
Carol Battershel- Dept. of Energy
Brian Goncher- Deloitte Consulting
Brad W. Buss – Investor
Boris Zingarevich- Russian businessman
Bill Daley- White House
Barbara Boxer – Senator
Barack Obama- White House
Arnold Schwarzenegger- Actor
Antonio J. Gracias – Investor
Andy Bechtolsheim- Investor
Allison Spinner- Solyndra
Alexey Mordashov- Russian businessman


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