THE HIT JOB, Case #272


(Information for the courts involved regarding case #272. There are over 300 other similar cases. To have your case reviewed; advise all of the following entities, in writing, of your interest in pursuing a case: FBI, GAO, U.S. Senate, The Center For Investigative Reporting, Senate Ethics Committee, The United Nations Human Rights Office, ProPublica and their related offices and associated members )



In one case, federal investigators and well known investigative journalists approached plaintiffs and informed them of the following:

(From the report to Congress – bold underlined sections are click-able links to back-up data):

IQT’s associates produced a report stating that there were “trillions of dollars of lithium and technology ores in Afghanistan” and distributed this to certain banking interests. IQT’s investor’s, and their associates investors, owned the revenue streams for that Afghan ore monetization.

Plaintiffs Teams were asked by federal offices to assist the government in creating jobs and opportunities via the Energy Department.

During that project, Plaintiff’s were asked to cooperate in a federal investigation of IQT’s associates. IQT contacted Plaintiffs during that project to “check things out”.

First term White House staff were unhappy about the investigations because they exposed stock market and revenue paths that were awkward. They coordinated an attack, working with IQT, New America Foundation and Gawker Media tabloid Group (Owners of Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Gawker, the aptly named DEFAMER and other false-front attack venues; and admitted character assassins). When confronted with the charges, all of those top senior Washington executives suddenly quit their jobs, in a recession, with no better job offers. It is very clear that they knew they were busted. NSA, FBI, and related surveillance, now has verifiable data sets. When you run these parties, and their associates, through the federal XKEYSCORE, or similar law enforcement analysis programs, you find an amazing number of (potentially illegal) conflicts of interest, particularly when cross-referenced with campaign filing disclosures. The U.S. Congress is encouraged to examine this print-out.

A retribution character assassination and business assassination “hit Job” was later coordinated by IQT, working with their associates at New America Foundation, and a tabloid. All of whom had business, political and economic connections, according to federal investigators. Washington DC Stingray and intercept records held by the NSA, FBI and similar, from that time period, will confirm communications and relationships.

To date, hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence have been uncovered by federal investigators and multiple investigations continue around sup-parts of, what investigators believe are felony-level crimes including IRS hit-jobs, Goldman Sachs commodities (lithium, Indium, Copper, etc.) manipulations, U.S. Senator insider stock trading and kickback schemes (which involved Senators in this case), Solyndra tax dodges and kick-backs and other relevant crimes…. All of the money, connections, profits and targeting track back to the same small group of people in the Defendants circle, per federal and media database analysis technologies”

Details, news videos and a very small number of the many thousands of news stories about this case, can be found at the following links: and

See also the vast number of newspaper articles about IQT and Goldman Sachs; IQT and Cocaine Cargo Planes; IQT and Rendition airplanes; IQT and Palantir, Lucid Technologies and public spying; IQT and ACLU investigations; IQT and “dirty Deeds”; IQT and Wall Street.

The 2015 Congress has indicated an intention to expand investigations of IQT. The recent Torture Report, and other recent reports, show that Congress was lied to before, by associates of IQT. All of the information for this case has been supplied to Plaintiffs by federal investigators, Congressional staff, journalists, whistle-blowers and FOIA. Plaintiffs have encountered, both, “cover-up” staff and helpful staff at every major agency in the U.S. and Europe.

Investigators inform Plaintiffs that IN-Q-Tel owns, and funded, most of the data analysis systems and databases that are currently scanning the American public, and that it used it’s database manipulation resources to additionally attack and damage career databases and investor databases in order to curtail revenue streams, in retribution.

Some of the plaintiffs work with law enforcement and feel that the U.S. Constitution should never be violated or abused for personal financial gain. Over 100 experts (Including Senators, Senate staff, law enforcement staff, private investigators, and past contractors) are available for testimony in further Congressional investigations.

Ironically, the very thing that IQT and it’s associates had invested vast amounts of money in, in hopes of “trillions of dollars” of profits at the expense of the public, JUST HAPPENS to be the competing product to the thing that Plaintiffs developed, and Plaintiffs technologies worked BETTER but Plaintiffs were not part of Defendants “insider group” so Plaintiffs got booted out.

In other words, it is an amazing coincidence that the Defendants financial backers are Plaintiffs main competitors. Another amazing coincidence is the fact that the big financial backer of IQT, the head and leader of IQT’s sister group, one of the big investor’s in the competing technology effort to Plaintiff and the owner of the only search engine in the world to, not only, refuse to remove the character assassination article by IQT’s people, but also multiply it on their servers, thousands of times, and lock it into the top position: IS THE SAME EXACT GUY!!!! Plaintiffs asked physics students to calculate the odds of that happening unless there was an organized racketeering efforts.. they said it was astronomically impossible for this to be a mere coincidence, that it it had to be an organized effort.

In light of the fact that Plaintiff received a Congressional commendation, a federal grant and numerous patents via extensive federal review, it is easy to see why Defendants, and their associates, tried so hard to sabotage Plaintiffs. Now that the U.S. has abandoned it’s Afghan program, the Defendants technology has been scientifically proven to be toxic, cancer-causing, spontaneously explosive and conducive to international rifts, over 30 top Washington DC White House and Agency head executives have resigned (one was indicted); it appears that Plaintiff’s might have been on the right track after all.

Why would an organization take such extraordinary renditions against regular citizens?

If their own pitch documents are to be believed, they were emboldened by the greed that comes from “trillions of dollars” of profiteering. Even though they didn’t get that particular set of cash, they did get hundreds of billions of dollars of ill gotten gain per 60 Minutes, Washington Post and thousands of other sources. How much money has IQT and NAF spent on the clone of our software? The State Department, Treasury, GAO and major media publications say it was a minimum of $400 million and staff paid themselves $185,000.00 to $600,000.00 per year for working on it. Plaintiff’s got paid: ZERO!

The news media calls In-Q-Tel: “Blackwater in pin stripe suits”. In-Q-Tel has stated to the courts, in writing, that they are not part of the U.S. Government. Do we really allow private character (and possibly actual) assassination companies to operate with impunity in America? Is this really an OK thing?

Why In-Q-Tel can’t have it’s cake and eat it too, in case #272:

IQT said that after extensive analysis of Plaintiff’s technology, they determined that it sucked and wouldn’t work, yet they and their partners used and distributed a 100% copy of Plaintiff’s technology. So are they using 100% sucky technology or did they lie?

IQT says the technology is not secret so they can just grab it off of public domain. The patent office says they can’t do that and the U.S. Army and Navy say that it is not public domain. Did IQT lie?

The U.S. Government issued Plaintiff multiple patents on the technologies. The U.S. Government usually doesn’t do that unless you prove to them that something can work.

The Democracy groups and disaster zones, around the globe, who have used Plaintiff’s technology, to save lives, HAVE saved lives with the sucky technology, so it must work. There are over 1000 published reports of the We looked at it and it and we say it sucks so we will say that in the media to kill our competitor” tactical deployments used against other inventors. This is a very over-used tactic by IQT.

Plaintiff’s other technology, related to fuel cells, powers NASA human spacecraft. Does that suck too?

News groups say that statements by IQT are conflicted by documents in the Snowden release. Who is telling the truth NSA or IQT?




Testimony to Human Rights Watch, The United Nations and Special Task Force: The Hague:

“In-Q-Tel has exploited the most defenseless, at risk, abused people in the world: the war refugees, democracy advocates and disaster refugees. They did this by copying benign software and offering it to those groups with the sole purpose of spying on them for economic and political manipulation for the advantage of campaign billionaires with specific political interests. Backdoors and tracking mechanisms, via IN-Q-Tel owned Silicon Valley data harvesting companies, were used to take advantage of these populations of American and international regions.”


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